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11 March
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Lucas Men In Skivvies









Lucas Entertainment

Adam Killian and Valentino Medici look forward to their business trips together. Sure, on the outside, they’re showing a façade that demonstrates a life of normalcy: wife, kids, house. But the Elite Class has needs that can only be taken care of in private. During this business trip Adam and Valentino invite waiter Fernando Torres up to their suite, where they all strip down and have hardcore sex! Both Adam and Valentino take cock long and hard, and Fernando is as good a top as he is a bottom!

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05 January
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Buff Boxerbrief Male

Bailey_Maguire_Jan1404 Bailey_Maguire_Jan1405 Bailey_Maguire_Jan1406 Bailey_Maguire_Jan1407 Bailey_Maguire_Jan1408 Bailey_Maguire_Jan1409 Bailey_Maguire_Jan1410 Bailey_Maguire_Jan1411 Bailey_Maguire_Jan1412 Bailey_Maguire_Jan1413 Bailey_Maguire_Jan1414

Picture This Studios

Hot UK guy site picturethis-studios are kick starting the new year with the return of their very own classic example of prime british beefcake, 22 year old exclusive Bailey Maguire. It’s been 8 months since we last saw this sexy blonde hunk appear on the website, but its clear for all to see that he definitely has not been taking things easy, his firm muscular physique being even more defined than it was before. He still gets noticeably turned on by being asked to strip off and flex every single muscle of his for the camera. Thankfully this includes our own particular favourite muscle of Bailey’s, a very sexy 7.5 inch uncut cock, that is soon released from Bailey’s jogging bottoms to get jerked off in his big body-builder hands. It’s not long however before Baileys magnificent cock is able to start flexing unattended, allowing Bailey to rub his hands around the deep curves of his tight upper body and over his very sensitive nipples, making his cock throb ever harder with pure pleasure! All we can really say at this awesome vision is welcome back Bailey, and don’t leave it so long next time!

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05 July

Hot Stud In Briefs






Picture This Studios

As well as presenting some of the freshest new talent from across the UK every month, those picturethis-studios guys always enjoy finding an excuse to catch up with some of their previous hot talent! Its therefore hard to believe that its been almost a year since we last spied Lucas Sartori making an appearance on this quality UK porn site! His hot body and hung uncut cock are surely not easily forgotten by anyone that would have seen his ball-busting video debut! Lucas confessed to checking up on the sites other content from time to time, and personally requested a shoot in their locker room, as he had always found this to be the location for some of his favourite content on the site, (as well as being a real life location for plenty of his own hot encounters!) Lucas’s excitement for this latest shoot is clear from the very beginning, as this young man with the adorably thick cock does yet another stunning performance!

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30 July

Tight Briefs

Jock Butt

Tighty whitey mesh briefs covering a bulging cock and balls and a muscular bubble butt too.

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30 July